NALDIC (The national subject association for EAL)

Mary Maybank, Carol Phillips and Keisha Reid, organise the NALDIC West Midlands group meetings that take place at least twice a year. You will therefore find the meetings advertised on this website. These meetings, held on a Saturday morning, are free to anyone who wishes to come along, regardless of whether or not they are members of NALDIC.

Naldic Meeting Report March 2019
at Rookery School (See below for next meeting!)

At our Spring Naldic group meeting we benefitted from materials from two projects focussing on the development of literacy. Mark Smith, Citizenship, language and learning senior leader for Wolverhampton, talked about Wolverhampton’s reading project.
In 2018, 77% of children in Wolverhampton achieved ARE in reading (2% above national). This was an improvement of 7% points on 2017: the joint biggest improvement of any LA nationally. A significant contributor to this was the Wolverhampton Reading Project working with 23 schools in which the average percentage improvement was 16.3% points; and with the 18 schools who really engaged an average % point improvement of 19.7% points and average progress changing from -0.35 in 2017 to 1.3 in 2018.
All participants really enjoyed learning about some of the resources used during the project.
Following this, Carol Phillips showed some of the materials from the Education Endowment Foundation EAL project “EAL in the mainstream.” This was also exceptionally enjoyable and informative. The impact of this project will be fully known when the evaluation is published in the summer of 2020.
Finally Dr Justine Dakin showed us the materials she has developed to support teachers of pupils at the early stages of learning English, called ‘Real Learners.’

We were again welcomed by Rookery Primary School in their extremely
hospitable environment. Very many thanks to Debbie and ev eryone else who made the morning so enjoyable.

Our forthcoming meeting is on 8th June 2019. Please join us! You do not need to be a member of Naldic and attendance is free. Download the information below:

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West Midlands Naldic Regional Meeting 7th June 2018

Our meeting on 7th June 2018 was held at Rookery School, Birmingham. Thanks go to staff at Rookery for their splendid hospitality that helped to make the morning so enjoyable. Approximately 25 people came from both primary and secondary schools. They enjoyed presentations by Mary Maybank, Ruth Wilson, Kelly White and Keisha Reid.
Mary gave a presentation about supporting teachers in mainstream classrooms to improve teaching and learning for EAL pupils. She spoke in particular about team teaching and about the lesson study approach to improvements teaching and learning. A video of practice from Bordesley Village Primary School enabled the Year Two teacher from Bordesley Village to outline how lesson study had improved outcomes for the pupils in her class. This video is still available on the Bell Foundation website, under ‘scaffolding.’
Ruth Wilson and Kelly White delivered a much-appreciated workshop about use of the Bell Foundation assessment resources to assess writing. Their workshop at the previous Naldic meeting in the spring had been so well received that we felt the need to develop that work further.
Keisha Reid spoke about her school’s involvement in e-Twinning and Erasmus projects and specifically how these opportunities were engaging newly arrived pupils. The main point of this presentation was to highlight how involvement in projects with schools in for example, Romania, Croatia, Germany and Turkey was having a positive impact on how well pupils are integrated in school life. All newly arrived pupils are strongly encouraged to join and participate in projects and extra-curricular activities.

West Midlands Naldic Regional Meeting

24 March 2018

We held our recent meeting at Erdington Hall Primary School again this term. Around 22 people enjoyed a good programme, all giving up their Saturday morning for the sake of the EAL pupils they support.

Mark Smith from Wolverhampton ‘s Citizenship, Language and Learning team began by talking about working with Roma pupils. His talk was informative and very helpful. It was also enhanced by contributions to the discussion by two people who were educated in Eastern Europe. Mark followed this by talking about the excellent EAL progress measures of pupils in KS2 in Wolverhampton. Many of the strategies he spoke about showed that Wolverhampton has an authority wide approach to the teaching of literacy in mainstream classrooms at KS2. This is clearly having a significant impact on the progress made by EAL pupils.

After break Ruth Wilson and Kelly White led a very practical workshop applicable to both primary and secondary education about the assessment of pupils who are new to English. Participants at the workshop were able to use the Bell Foundation assessment tools to give their assessments of the spoken language of two pupils whose conversation had been recorded on video. There was plenty of opportunity for discussion and feedback.

Finally ,Veejay Lingiah, from The Flash Academy gave a brief introduction to the use of flash sticks as a support for EAL pupils as well as in modern foreign language learning.

Meeting on 1st July 2017

We had a really interesting meeting at Naldic West Midlands on Saturday 1st July to which 27 people came. All these people gave up their Saturday morning to come and listen to presentations from Keisha Reid and Constant Leung.

Keisha talked about her work with new arrivals in her school, Tile Cross Academy. She showed us examples of writing and artwork that the pupils had done. The artwork was of a really high standard. She spoke in particular about the perceptions amongst staff in her school about new arrivals who speak other languages than English. Some of these perceptions are quite negative. They just want her to take them out of the classroom. However, she is making good progress with other subject teachers who are more open to her tutoring to enable them to support new arrivals in the mainstream classroom.

Constant Leung was extremely kind to come from London on his Saturday morning to talk about assessment of the language acquisition of pupils who are new to English and the new Bell Foundation Assessment Framework. He gave great insights into the wide variety of language areas in which pupils with English as an additional language need to become proficient: the social language of the school and of the local community; the language of the curriculum areas in a system that assumes age related language competence and cultural knowledge. He drew contrasts between learning English as an additional language and for example GCSE modern foreign languages, pointing out the huge difference in expectations of numbers of words to be learned in each. The numbers of words to be learned by EAL pupils in school is infinite, while for example in GCSE French we can get away with around 1000 words! Having shown us the new Bell Foundation assessment framework he asked for teachers who would like to be involved in further work around recording assessments to get in touch.

Two other people gave three minute presentations. Janey Manton, from Barrs Hill Academy, Coventry, spoke about the way she uses “ESOL ladder to GCSE success” in her school and Qamar Maqsood spoke about his work in Telford and Wrekin, a local authority that has the sense to keep a multicultural development team.

Our future meetings will be advertised here. Watch out for the next meeting!

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